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Office of the City Manager

Marsha Grigsby, City Manager


Administrative Services

Michelle L. Crandall, Director of Administrative Services

Lisa Wilson, Court Administrator

Peter Husenitza, Director of Information Technology

Christine Nardecchia, Volunteer Services Administrator


Clerk of Council

Anne Clarke, Clerk of Council 


Community Relations

Sandra Puskarcik, Director of Communications


Contact the website

Contact the website


Economic Development

Dana McDaniel, Deputy City Manager/Director of Economic Development


Events Administration

Alison LeRoy, Events Manager



Faye Gibson, Director of Taxation

Steve Sova, Director of Accounting & Auditing


Human Resources

David Harding, Director of Human Resources


Land Use & Long Range Planning

Steve Langworthy, Director of Land Use & Long Range Planning


Parks & Recreation

Fred Hahn, Director of Parks & Open Space

Matt Earman, Director of Recreation Services 


Public Service

Ron Burns, Director of Streets & Utilities

Paul Hammersmith, Director of Engineering

Jeffrey Tyler, Director of Building Standards 



Heinz von Eckartsberg, Chief of Police


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