Future Land Use


Zoning Map

The Zoning District Map shows all land in Dublin as it is currently permitted to be used.  The zoning districts shown on the zoning district map are regulated by the Zoning Code. Map.

Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map (Map 3.3) classifies all parcels within the Dublin planning area with a recommended land use, each shown with a different color. A detailed description of each Land Use Classification (immediately following Map 3.3) can be found in the Community Plan, explaining the general character of each land use, including typical ranges for residential and non-residential densities and the qualities and character of commercial areas. Map

2007 Community Plan Area Plans

While the future land use plan ensures compatible and coordinated growth throughout Dublin, key areas of the City will likely undergo significant change. In these areas of possible substantial development and redevelopment activity, special area plans provide an illustrative framework for property owners and potential developers to guide development in a way that fosters a sense of place and establishes community identity in key locations. Area Plans

Thoroughfare Plan

The Thoroughfare Plan is composed of two elements: (1) a map showing existing and planned roads by functional classification and right-of-way width (Map 4.5) and (2) an associated table describing each roadway and its planned improvement, including number of lanes (Table 4.3). Plan

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